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    Scientific Lectures and Panel Discussions in Video

    The Royal Society, London, UK
    Tim Berners-Lee, Stephen Fry, Wendy Hall, Jim Haseloff and Bill Thompson.
    Presented: June 28, 2010
    Length: 01:28:10
    Future Technologies
    In the past 25 years our use of technology has increased at an unprecedented
    rate, affecting our way of life and how we function in society. What's next? Are
    we set to see more inventions that change the image of technology and the
    culture we live in? How will these developments affect and influence the future
    of society?


    Science Radio

    Science Friday on NPR - Ira Flatow's popular weekly radio series covers
    topics in all areas of science and is also available as a podcast.

    Scientific video and visualization

    Important Archival video

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